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Work Progress - 18 June 2009

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Anis: we are starting the implementation of Z-Monitor, which is a tool for monitoring and troubleshooting a ZigBee WSNs. The expected release deadline of the first version is Dec 2009. In addition, we are implementing a group security mechanism on top of the open-ZB implementation.

Gianluca: work on security is ongoing. Cristiano is working on 802.15.4 Security Sublayer. He has implemented the security header. Now, he is integrating his code with Jan's. Marco is studying the Zigbee security model with particular reference to the Energy Saving profile. We are preparing a technical report.

Jan: The message_t discussion is still ongoing in the core WG and I don't expect a solution in the near future - rather, the new abstractions will hopefully be part of a later T2 release (at the end of this year?). So in the 15.4 WG we agreed to stick with the current interfaces that can be found in tinyos-2.x/tos/lib/mac/tkn154/interfaces/MLME and MCPS. I can offer support in getting these adjusted to the open-zb NWL. Because this will be a short/mid-term solution, the simplest approach would be a small wrapper layer that adjusts the interfaces.
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