Kick-off meeting minutes - 18/03/2009

Date: WED 18 March @ (4:00 pm GMT+3)

Participants: Anis, Ricardo, Jan, Gianluca, Antonio
Absent: Rodolfo, Omar, John Ko


Main notes

1- the TinyOS ZigBee WG will continue working on the open-zb implementation until the interfaces with TKN will be ready. There is no expected deadline for the having these interfaces ready since there is a technical problem that is beyond the 15.4 WG.
2- ISEP will work in re-structuring the current open-zb implementation to be more modular and that consider the MAC layer as a black box.
3- UNIPI, JHU and ENIS will focus on security issues.


Discussion Outline

1- Anis: Asks members to present their interests in the ZB WG

2- Gianluca: Interest in the security issues. Has been working in a key distribution mechanism over TinyOS, thus having expertise on TOS. They have been implementing the IEEE 802.15.4 Security Sub-layer. This work falls in the context of Cristiano's Master Thesis. For the moment, Cristiano has studied the standard, installed TinyOS 2.0.2 and JeongGul KO’s security support for TinyOS 2.x and experimented with this software. Now, he is “de-assembling” the TinyOS network stack. In particular he is looking into the tk154 interface, the CC2420_TK154 module, and how they interact.

3- Jan: Informs the group about the ongoing work on the 15.4 WG, and interface definitions proposed. There is still a technical problem remaining related to “message_t” abstraction (All fields in message_t must have fixed size, which may be a problem for 15.4 implementation) that is currently under discussion in the TinyOS devel list.
The 15.4 WG has started a discussion on the MAC interface definitions (here is the current proposal:, but no decision has been made yet. The discussion is also dependent on whether message_t is going to be the only message buffer abstraction in TinyOS 2, which is currently under discussion on the -devel list:

4- Anis: Proposes to use Open-ZB stack in the meanwhile and asks Ricardo to consider the possibility of creating a “black-box” implementation out of the current Open-ZB stack. Ricardo acknowledges and will look into it.

5- Anis: Asks Gianluca if he knows about John’s security Implementation.

6- Gialuca: Is familiar with it and has already tried it. However there seems to be a technical problem that he already tried to discuss with John.

7- Ricardo: Asks Jan if there is an expected deadline for TinyOS core to consider the new “message_t” proposals.

8- Jan: Jan hopes to get more inputs from the TOS community. He stresses that this is a core issue…

9- Anis: Asks members to give inputs by email. According to the progress, the next meeting will be schedule no later than one month.


Offline Participations

Omar: said that he is going to implement the ZigBee Security features in the open-zb network layer. Rodolfo: presented what would be his contribution in a separate email. He is working on porting the mesh network implementation they did with TinyOS 1.x with open-zb code to the new TinyOS-2.x-based opne-zb code. He will also extend the approach in different aspects.
John: said that he is maintaining the CC2420 security stack in TinyOS 2.x and he would also like to provide insights and help in providing the security functionalities.