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Multiprocessors have already made the transition from high-end computing to desktops and laptops. This was possible because of the miniaturization of integrated electronics system which allowed the implementation of multiprocessors on a single chip, called multicores.

Now, the next step is about to begin. These multicores are targeting embedded real-time systems as witnessed by (i) the commercial availability of multicore PowerPC and ARM processors and (ii) Intel’s and AMD’s recent marketing of the use of multicores in embedded systems.

Today, more than 99% of all computers are embedded systems. These computers operate within products to improve their functionality. Often human beings are not aware of the existence of these computers - as long as they are working as intended. Pace makers, cars, electronic pianos, vacuum cleaners and walking robots, all represent examples of embedded computers. In fact, virtually every product developed in the future will host an embedded computer. For this reason, they constitute an enabling technology for most goals in our life, our society and the economy.

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